Edopoly Rector To Be Inducted As Fellow Of The African Academy Of Sciences

The Governing Council of the African Academy of Sciences (AAS), has elected the Rector of Edo State Polytechnic, Usen Prof. Abiodun Falodun as a fellow of the African Academy of Sciences (AAS).

Prof. Abiodun Falodun will be presented and honoured with a certificate of the AAS Fellowship at the next 14th General Assembly Meeting (GA) and 2022 World Science Forum Event to be held in December, 2022 at Cape Town International Convention Centre in Cape Town in South Africa.

In statement, the Ag. Executive Director of the African Academy of Sciences (AAS), Prof. Catherine Ngila, noted that the induction of Prof. Abiodun Falodun by the AAS, is on merit after series of reviews were conducted at different levels by the AAS.

She added “the AAS made its decision based on nominations that were submitted for AAS Fellowship in 2021. The AAS Fellowship recruitment, follows a rigorous evaluation by the AAS Membership Advisory Committees (MACs) in various fields of specialization. Even the penultimate step was strictly adhered to prior to the decision by the Governing Council, the voting of nominees was also carried out by Fellows of the Academy”.

“The recommendations of the MACs and the votes by the Fellows were compiled and submitted to the AAS Governing and Nominations Sub-Committee and ultimately the Governing Council for final review and endorsement. Before the AAS reached a decision to induct and award Prof. Abiodun Falodun, because he met the necessary qualifications to become a full-fledged member of the Academy”.

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Prior to his induction as a follow of the AAS, Professor Abiodun Falodun is an internationally renowned Pharmacist and Natural Product Chemist, a leading expert in anticancer drug discovery and Fullbright Scholar. Professor Falodun has to his credit, numerous academic honours, grants and awards including the prestigious Fulbright award (African Senior Research Scholar), recipient of the May & Baker Professional Service award in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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