EGYPT: Dozens Dead In Giza Coptic Church

Egyptian officials have confirmed the death of dozens of people after a fire broke out at a church in Egypt.

Reports say, many of the victims were crushed during a desperate scramble to escape the fire.

Ruins of Giza Coptic church

Officials say the number of dead is around 41, with children believed to be among the dead while dozen others are injured.

Security sources told reporters that an electrical fire broke out as 5,000 worshippers gathered for Mass at the Coptic Abu Sifin church in Giza.

Hospital records revealed that about 18 children, aged between 3 to 16 years old, were killed.

Father Farid Fahmy, from another nearby church in the Imbaba neighbourhood, told newsmen that the fire was sparked by a short circuit, but Fire services said the exact cause of the fire remains unclear.

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