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Far-reaching Reforms in Edo State Polytechnic

Recently, the Rector of Edo State Polytechnic, Usen, Professor Abiodun Falodun announced the commencement of Higher National Diploma programme in Mass Communication, beginning from next academic session.

The announcement came few days after a similar announcement for the immediate commencement of National Diploma programme in Safety and Industrial Engineering, in addition to seven other programmes.

The move came in the wake of disclosure that in less than two months time, the polytechnic would have a functional campus radio as the management has acquired state-of-the-art equipment to make it functional optimally.

Announcing the commencement of the HND programme, Professor Falodun also disclosed plans to establish a School of Mass Communication, a discipline he considers as the flagship in the polytechnic.

Agreed that Mass Communication programme in the polytechnic is at infancy stage, the zeal, enthusiasm, organizational ability and creativity of Professor Falodun and the Head of Mass Communication Department, Helen Ugbogbo in seeing to the birthing of the HND programme speak volumes on efforts towards ensuring that the department becomes a reference point among tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

The Rector’s pronouncements are not only laudable, but represent a watershed in the history of the 19 year old institution.

They are positive developments which place the polytechnic in the spotlight, having become one of the fastest growing state-owned tertiary institutions in the country.

It goes to show the effective leadership style of Professor Falodun’s led management team to bring the polytechnic to global reckoning.

These efforts, Edo Poly News believes should not be allowed to wane so that the polytechnic will continue to occupy a place of pride among polytechnics in Nigeria.

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No doubt, this calls for greater service and commitment of all stakeholders, particularly the Head of Department and other academic staff in the department, if history must find a positive place for them on the day of reckoning.

Nothing less is expected as they are not only expected to adequately situate themselves to complement the vision of Professor Falodun’s led management team, but also, to provide the launchpad for the actualization of his vision for the polytechnic.

The tenure of Professor Falodun as Rector of the polytechnic, no doubt has recorded many giant strides and taken bold steps in entrenching a culture of academic excellence.

The leadership potential he has displayed in his management of the polytechnic so far is an attribute worthy of emulation.

For instance, besides his efforts in the introduction of many new academic programmes into the institution’s curriculum and securing accreditation for others, he has introduced many far reaching reforms into the operations of the polytechnic.

It was therefore not surprising when he said during the 3rd and 4th convocation ceremony that the polytechnic remains the most inovative, the most excellent and a very high profile institution in the country.

Thanks to the Edo State Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki’s strong commitment to the delivery of quality and functional education, knowing fully well that Technical and Vocational Education plays a key role in the economic development of any nation.

The passion for the growth of Edo State Polytechnic, Usen is not only a milestone, but another expression of the far reaching reforms the Governor has introduced as part of his Make Edo Great Again (MEGA) agenda.

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