Maintenance Culture Responsible For Abandoned Water Scheme In Usen Community- Project Coordinator

The borehole water scheme in Usen community, constructed by Edo State government under the auspices of Edo State Rapid Response Agency [EDRRA] has been abandoned.

Speaking to Espuvoice, the coordinator of the project, Umoren Johnson said, the abandoned project was commissioned in 2011 under the government of Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole.

Abandoned water scheme in Usen

Johnson said that the project was meant to tackle the problem of inadequate water supply in Usen Community.He noted that the project was abandoned as a result of what he described as “lack of maintenance culture”.

“when some of the equipment got spoilt, there was no support from the government which finally led to the total abandonment of the project” he said.

To avoid a total collapse of the project which comprises of Nine building, the property was rented out to some private individuals.

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