The Wonder Of Pawpaw Fruit (Part 1)

Pawpaw is a sweet tasty fruit which comes in different sizes and contains soft, easily digestible flesh with good amount soluble dietary fiber (4.7grams) and water content which helps prevent consipation; ease bowel movement and promotes a healthy digestive tract.

It has approximately 120 calories, 30 grams carbohydrates and 2 grams of protein. They are a good source of foliate, magnesium, pantothenic acid, vitamins A, B, C and K, copper, calcium, fiber and beta carotene, but low in calories and sodium.

This wide variety of benefits makes pawpaw wonderful altogether.Pawpaw is rich in chymopain enzymes that break down protein into amino acids which is responsible for all what happens in our mental and physical health.

In fact, we are advised to eat pawpaw after meals for better digestion, to prevent bloating and indigestion.That’s why it’s a total fruit that deals with our overall eating pattern and most importantly, prevents diseases and achieves good health.Studies even suggest we increase the consumption of plant foods like pawpaw because they help to promote healthy complexion and hair.

Besides, they increase energy but reduce body weight and decrease the risk of obesity, diabetics, heart disease and overall mortality. It has long been associated with reducing the risk of many lifestyle related health conditions.

Research has also shown that a higher intake of all fruits reduces the risk of aged related macular degeneration. But the antioxidants found in pawpaw plays a protective role in the eye and wards off damages.

It also has beta carotene that reduces the risk of asthma and on the other hand boosts the immune system.Pawpaw has vitamin K that helps reduce the risk of bone fracture by modifying the bone matrix protein, improving calcium absorption and may also reduce urinary excretion of calcium.

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It also contains vitamin A which is great for the hair and growth of other body tissues.It is an excellent source of vitamin C and one fruit which provides about 244 percent of your daily need which is more than that of orange or lemon.

It is good the skin and healing of external wounds. It can also be used to prevent infection on burned areas of the skin. In other words, it can be used as ointment to treat decubitus ulcers or bedsores.

Pawpaw has powerful antioxidant beta carotene that, plays a protective role against prostrate cancer; this makes it necessary for young men. Besides this, it fights colon cancer.

It also lowers blood glucose level; this makes it safe for people with diabetes type l and 2.Its seeds are not left out. They are actually edible but have a bitter-peppery taste. They are proven to have natural remedy for treating stomach upsets ringworm infections and some other ailments in traditional homes.

The leaves are also used in traditional homes to treat some health conditions like fever and tooth aches. They can also be locally used as scourging powder to wash utensils and aluminum surfaces.

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