The Wonders Of Pawpaw Fruit (Part 2)


Pluck, if you have, or buy slightly ripe Pawpaw without bruises. Wash in running water, peel off the outer skin and remove the black seeds in the centre hollow of the fruit, then cut into cubes and serve. It can also be added to fruit salad or used as wedge or better still as Pawpaw juice that can be taken or eaten any time of the day.

Some people prefer slightly ripe pawpaw that is crumpy in the mouth and so they throw away the over-ripped one not knowing that it can be used to make pawpaw jam and eaten with bread,

Fruit jam is much better than the conventional fat spread (butter).NOTE: Pawpaw has white latex that makes it not safe for people with latex allergy thus maybe allergic to pawpaw as well. How to Prepare Pawpaw Jam.

Get a very ripe Pawpaw fruit and blend to fine. Ginger is optional, cut and blend (small quantity, p!ease). Heat your frying pan without oil or water. Pour the blended pawpaw into the hot frying pan and stir so that it does not stick to the pot.

Add your blended ginger and stir until it is elastic like well-prepared pap. Add sugar (if you desire) and mix again. Don’t stop until it has turned orange-brown. Allow to cool before eating with bread.


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